Eco Friendly Compostable Mailer Bags 9×12 in / 23x31cm

Our BEST Eco Friendly Compostable Mailer Bags are kinder to the planet while still being as strong and durable as traditional plastic mailers. Our Eco postage bags help your business to keep harmful waste out of landfills

They are made from odourless Corn starch bio-resin that naturally breaks down over time which means they are 100% compostable and do not harm the enviroment. These are perfect for soft and non-breakable shipping products, like clothing, brochures, books, documents.

• Eco Friendly – Compostable
• Odourless
• This mailer is made from 100% Corn Starch.
• Size: 9×12 inch / 23 x 31 cm (not including flap)

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BEST Eco Friendly Compostable Mailer Bags
9 in x 12 in / 23cm x 31cm

This mailer is made from Corn Starch PLA (poly-lactic acid) bio-based plastic.
Certification: EU: EN 13432 / AUS: AS4736 / USA: ASTM D6400 / Japan: GreenPla 452 / China: 0550-8P10-

Our Compostable Mailers are kind to the environment!


20 bags, 25 bags, 50 bags, 100 bags, 200 bags, 500 bags


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